Top 10 Best Dressing 2017 Wears for University Girls

Top 10 Best Dressing 2017 Wears for University Girls.It is said that clothes make the man. Your clothes represent your language of mind, body and soul. Looking good and feeling comfortable with what you are wearing is essential. University is a great time to explore your new looks and try out different styles. While choosing clothes for university, you have to be a little picky because what you wear gives a big indication of who you are. If you love following fashion trends, you should be aware of current fashion and on campus dressing trends for giving yourself a classy and unique look.

Top 10 Best Dressing 2017 Wears for University Girls

University is a building block to your career and the contacts you make here help you in achieving a lot of successful career options.  Because of this reason, many students in university are much concerned about what they wear and how they are looking. They dress to impress people and sometimes it gets frustrating for them to decide what to wear and what not to. Trust me, if you are a fashion lover and want to look trendy you don’t need too much stuff in your wardrobe. If you bring too much stuff, it will only take up part of your already minimal space.

To help you people out, I’ve listed some clothing items that you’ll need in your wardrobe for university.

1 Jeans:

First thing that you’ll absolutely need in your wardrobe is a pair of jeans. Buy maximum 3 pair of jeans for your university wardrobe. Make sure that the jeans fit you well and choose whatever cut and color you are most comfortable in. Jeans are relatively easy to fit, style and wear because they easily give you a smart and casual look. Most important thing about jeans is they never get old or outdated so you must have a shade of black, blue and grey jeans in your wardrobe.

2 Organza Wraps:

Organza wraps are the coolest piece of fusion in town these days. Every college or university going girl loves to wear it because of the simplicity and grace it adds to the personality. It is beautiful, trendy, elegant, and offers just the right amount of coverage. It is a perfect accessory to pair with any outfit without sacrificing style. It gives you a truly polished and finished look. These days, it is becoming such a popular item on every girl’s “must-have” list because of its simplistic design, lightweight stuff and extravagant appearance. So, if you want to follow today’s fashion style, you must have at least one organza wrap in your university wardrobe.

3 Leggings:

Leggings are among extremely versatile stuff because they provide you with freedom to wear any outfit with them and give you a super-dashing look. There are several types of leggings available like basic leggings, printed leggings and leather leggings etc. You may wear the one which feels comfortable for you. You can easily dress up leggings with a casual top, sweater or a vest. Leggings are not only comfy and on trend but also gives you a perfect casual look for walking to lectures. So, I suggest you to have a bunch of colorful leggings in your wardrobe because leggings will never disappoint you in creating a stylish as well as casual look.

4 Casual Tops:

Casual tops make dressing so much easy and comfortable. Tops in different colors like, black, red, white and blue are perfect for wearing every day of the week. These casual tops can go with any outwear or bottom without changing most of your entire look. The tops help you look trendy, individual, original and comfortable with what you are wearing. Casual tops are available in different cuts, colors and stuff and make your dressing decisions easy on university days. So, help yourself get different casual tops having different cut, color and stuff so that you may add something cool to your personality wearing them.

5 Tulip Pants & Cigarette Pants:

From last few years, shalwars had taken a seat back. Palazzos, flappers and choridar pajamas were more in demand. But, now the trend of the shalwar is back and tulip pants are the current talk of the town. Women are wearing them with long, short and medium length shirts. Tulip pant with its unique billowing on top, narrow at ankle and layered airy fabric is the latest traditional fashion trend in Pakistan. Similarly, sleek and stylish cigarette pants are also in fashion these days. Sharp and eternally chic cigarette pants with a variety of different colors, prints and stuff help you give a formal look for your university.

6 Medium Length Straight Shirts:

Long and short casual shirts have always been in trend whatever time or season the year it may be. Short shirts with loose shalwars were quite in fashion a year ago but later the trend switched to long shirts with trousers or flappers. The latest fashion trend these days is medium length straight casual shirts with capris, cigarette or tulip pants. Wearing medium size straight shirts with cigarette or tulip pants give you a stylish and classy look because these shirts adds a sort of individuality, glamour and magic in your dressing style.

7 Short Umbrella Frocks:

Short umbrella frocks are top in list in Asian fashion trends. These frocks give you a traditional eastern look with a wide range of flexibility in its stuff, color and prints. The amazing thing about these frocks is that the style evolves into newer, brighter, elegant and amazing variety each and every year. It provides you with the freedom to wear it with tights, tulips or cigarette pants – whatever you are comfortable with. So, ladies, if you want to add something latest in your university wardrobe, do get two to three short length umbrella frocks for you.

8 Scarves:

Any of our outfit can turn from boring to trendy by adding a stylish and effective scarf in it. Trendy scarves captivate their charm by successfully replacing exquisite necklace. If you cover your head, these scarves with a variety of prints and stuff available in them may help you look even more presentable depending upon the way you wear or tie them on your head.

9 Leather Jacket:

A good leather jacket is a pretty expensive buy but in the long term it’s certainly and investment because a fine quality leather jacket lasts for decades. So, if you consider the longevity of the item, it’s quite definitely worth the splurge. The amount may stop you from adding a good leather jacket in your wardrobe but, believe me, when you a leather jacket, it automatically exudes a sense of confidence and femininity in you. Just remember that, if you want several job opportunities ahead, you must know how to dress for that career.

10 Hats:

Hats are the major hallmark of winter season and they are gradually becoming daily accessory for more and more ladies. If you want to charm everyone around you in university, wearing trendy caps is a classic as well as a perfect option for you. Hats are just a perfect accessory to share your personal style and the amazing thing is they works year-round.

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