Top 10 Shoe Styles 2017 That Make University Students Awesome

Top 10 Shoe Styles 2017 That Make University Students Awesome.It is commonly accepted and widely said that what you wear says a lot about you. Just like your clothes, your shoes also make a strong statement about your personality. We are often advised not to judge a book by its cover but you can judge a person by his shoes. What you choose for yourself in footwear gives other a sneak peek into your inner self.

Your shoes are an important part of your personality because they depicts your age, gender, social status and other personality traits like extrovert or introvert, liberal or conservative and openness. Uncomfortable shoes affect the movement of your body and having to adjust your gait in this process ruins everything about personality because of which you miss several right opportunities.

Top 10 Shoe Styles 2017 That Make University Students Awesome

1 Sorels: 

For all the stylish women on the go, Sorel boots are the perfect choice. They serve as a fashion and function at the same time. If you are talking about fall fashion and current styles, you can’t forget mentioning Sorels. They are heavy duty boots that serve as an absolute necessity in the wrath of winter.

Image result for sorels2 Toms:

Image result for toms

Toms are getting trendy in almost every university these days. They are both durable and comfy and serve their purpose for a long time. Wearing toms has become a popular trend in many universities. Thus in a short span of time, Tom Shoes has effectively redefined the landscape for fashion market. Each pair has its effective design, stitching, cut and signature. So, if you want to rock your university look, just grab a pair of toms and be among your trendy fellows.

3 Crocs:

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Crocs is an ideal footwear for casual as well as for professional use and recreational activities. It is uniquely designed and manufactured that gives each pair of shoes the comfortable, soft, lightweight, non-marking and odor-resistant qualities and crocs wearers love these shoes because of these qualities. They are available in an extensive range of colors. So, you should use crocs in your university days when you want to look more casual and relaxed.

4 Adidas Jake Blauvelt:

Image result for adidas jake blauvelt5 Nike SFB Boots:

A modern, comfortable and athletic boots perfectly designed with long term durability, dynamic lacing, rubber outsole and internal rock shield. They are extremely comfortable and does not require break-in period – just slip them on and go. The material is designed to be lightweight and air dry quickly. You can also wear them with shorts and casual socks as they can ride right up on your skin without any issue. If you want a lightweight trail boot for everyday use to enhance your firearms style then I would recommend you to consider Nike SFB Boots which are available in several variations and versions.

6 Chacos:

Chacos are widely known for their quality, comfort, durability and lightweight. These are casual foot bed for comfort and support when you are trekking around town. These comfy chacos will keep you grounded and supported so you can confidently keep pushing onward in your casual university days. Chacos come in various different colors and you may wear them with jeans.

7 Women Heels:

Wearing heels makes women look stylish, charming and confident. Heels never go out of fashion and many university girls wear them on their presentation days or on their graduation ceremonies because heels enhance your personality in addition to increasing the attractiveness of your dress by giving you a perfect gait and good body posture. Heels make your legs look longer and shapelier. Wearing high heels or heels of appropriate length is considered as an evergreen style statement. But yes, remember one thing that there’s difference between your professional heels and party heels. You should know where to wear what because one wrong heel choice may ruin your overall look. As heels make you look more professional and smart, I suggest you to wear comfortable and professional heels when you are searching for job or for your job interviews.

8 Combat Boots:

Combat shoes were originally designed for military because of the durability they provide but now they are being used as a fashion statement. These boots are designed for comfort and have soft leather finish, classic design and an extensive diverse range and variation of color. The diversity of shades being provided by these shoes help you mix and match them with any outfit you wear. The versatility and functionality of these boots further enhances their durability because once bought, they may last a lifetime. You may wear them when you are going to some university trip with your fellows without being worried about mud or rain because these boots prevent you from cold conditions, mud, rain and hot weather.

9 Cowboy Boots:

Cowboy boots are available in two basic styles i.e. western and roper. The western style boots have a tall boot shaft which goes to at-least mid-calf while the roper ones are usually over one inch high. Today, roper style cowboy boots are very much in trend in universities and many people are wearing them to try something unique in the name of fashion which goes perfectly with their overall look and personality. You may consider wearing roper style cowboy boots in your university days only if you are confident enough about what to wear with them and what not to.

10 Sneakers:

Sneakers were primarily designed for sports purpose or for other form of physical exercise but eventually evolved to be used for casual and day-to-day activities. Sneakers lie in the extremely comfortable and widely used category of shoes because of their flexible sole which is entirely made of rubber whereas the upper part is made up of leather or other synthetic material based on their price.

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