Two Pakistani who have most children

Two Pakistani who have most children.Dr. Jan Muhammad and Muhammad Yousaf are civilians of Pakistan. They both have the biggest family in Pakistan. Having three to five children were common in Pakistan. But now it has reduce to the amount of two to three as it is easy to support small family and to give them good attention. If you have big family then it becomes difficult to give attention to each and every person of the family. But Dr. Jan Muhammad and Muhammad Yousaf are totally different.

Two Pakistani who have most children

    Dr. Jan Muhammad

Dr. Jan Muhammad lives in Quetta and he has three wives. From these three wives he has total 33 children, 14 sons and 19 daughters. They all live together in one place. All are very happy and enjoy their big family. Dr. Jan Muhammad spends his time with his children and he loves to play with them. He is planning to do

fourth marriage. He is a doctor and trader by profession. He spends 1,000,000 rupees annually on the education of his children which are studying in different grades.

In his interview he said that the bigger the family, the better. Dr. Jan Muhammad’s favorite child is his eldest daughter. He said sometimes he forget the name of his

children but he is happy with his big family.

      Muhammad Yousaf

Muhammad Yousaf has seven wives. He lives in a village of Sargodha. He has 41 children, 10 sons and 31 daughters. He wants to make a century means to have 100 children. Same problem with Muhammad Yousaf, he often forgets the name of his children. He works in local farm house and earn livelihood for his giant family. He loves his family and fulfil their desires according to his income.


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